Angela Kays Beauty Salon

With more than 20 years of experience, Angela Kay has 3 salons around Lancashire that offer a range of beauty treatments.

the Results

Google Ads

From day 1, we were able to generate over 8 leads every single week for laser hair removal across Lancashire. This in turn, has provided our client with a 5x minimum return on investment every single month.

Website Design

We built 3 brand new websites for all 3 salons, and integrated a booking system to help ease the management of bookings for all treatments.

Facebook & Instagram ads

We tracked every single user who visited the website, placed them into a sales funnel and advertised them daily on Facebook and Instagram until they enquired about laser hair removal.

I am so so so happy with the digital studio, I can not recommend them enough! They totally transformed my 3 websites, and also provide AMAZING results every month with their marketing skills. I honestly can not recommend these guys enough.

Angela Kay


We let entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands.


We first diagnose the current status of your business. Before starting any project, we audit your lead-flow, sales, website, challenges and goals.


We then craft a detailed strategy, custom to your business and designed to overcome your specific challenges and meet your revenue goals.


We then take the entire process off your hands and implement it all for you, while keeping you on the pulse of your business, your customers and your continual outcomes.